Saturday, October 31, 2009

What you find in the basement

Sitting in my basement watching football, and reading Seven day model railway. And looking around at the stuff laying around, i found lot's of lumber nothing really interesting but some good baseboards. A few rocks that look like they would make a good sign a for some company or another in G-scale. And lot's of scrap metal.

So i'm thinking maybe a Gn15 scrap yard with a electromagnet crane.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New england short line

The setting would be some where in New England or up state New York around 1950. The railway would serve both dairy farms and resorts. As a result a passenger train will be made up of milk cars-RPO-streamlined coach/sleeper-local coach, motive power would be a doodlebug or a modified passenger unit like a AA . Freight would be limited just incoming coal and feed and so on. A loco could be a 44 tonner or a small steam engine. To explain the track plan, the longer spur at the left is a bulk track coal dealer ships etc. The spur at the right is the creamery. The fright house is that the bottom left of the crossover. The station is right about in the middle at the bottom.

Monday, October 12, 2009

List of ideas

So we will start off with a list of ideas i have been working one since i went "foreign" sometime ago (i blame that dapol terrier)

New Wessex. HOn30, a made up Caribbean island with a good sized narrow gauge railway to support the banana, sugar industry and inter-island trade. Will use mainly OO9 stock (yay scale mixing) The island was a britshish conlony but now in the cold war is a non-allinged and trading with all great powers.

4sq ft microstate railway. N-scale, in Europe, the endpoint of a small nation's state railway(think San Marino or some such place) Will use the kato class 66 as a freight loco.

SCT. A really cool austrlian rail company. Runs transcon freight trains made up of boxcars, reefers, continer(even doublestacks) and as you might execpet has a fuel car and crew car to allow non-stop runing. I'm thinking of modeling one termianl. One loco and some wagons can be found in N in austrlian.

British estate railway
Gn15 or On18.
I like the idea of a railway just to serve one house as it is very much a micro railway as opposed to macro railways most people model. I lean to Gn15 for this because of the small stock that would be used. But if
N-drive productions does come out with their Katie kit O9 might be the way to go. Could go 3 ways with what to model 1) The house/grounds 2) the standard guage sation 3) a canal dock for coal and other freight.

American amusement railway.Gn15 or On18. Based on such a park near my house that just closed it would use HO or N F-units and some kind of steam engine. I think On18 would work better for this as the minuim curves would still be based on the the locos as is and 18inch radius is big in any scale.

Swiss meter gauge. HOm. I like the continer wagons.